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In today’s culture there are several important social issues that concern parents, teachers and society as a whole. Media reports constantly highlight some of the problems we face such as: 
Helping to keep children safe whilst on-line 
Reducing the effects of anti-social behaviour 
Protecting children from the dangers of drugs, tobacco and alcohol 
Preparing children to deal with peer pressure involving gang culture and knife crime 
Encouraging children to develop good practices which help support  
sustainability and the environment 
Evidence shows that engaging with children at an early age is critical in helping them develop their understanding and behaviours which can lead to them becoming positive members of their communities and better equipped to deal with some of the difficulties they face as they grow up. 
With this in mind The Barney and Echo series has been designed and developed to support parents and teachers in addressing these issues at home and at school through Personal, Social, Health Education (PSHE) at key stage 1-2. 
The books follow the adventures of Barney Eagle, Echo Squirrel and their friends who live in tree top forest. Each book has a story relating to a PSHE subject area with activities and support materials to reinforce the learning goals. The books, which are designed to create discussion and improve awareness are not only educational but are fun to work through. The programme of lessons are delivered in the classroom with activities to encourage parents to support the children at home. 
There are five books in the Barney & Echo range and the books  
have been distributed to over 750,000 children across the UK.  
The resources are priced at £6.00 each. 
These are: 
‘Caught in the web’ deals with internet safety and cyber bullying 
‘The Bad Apples’ deals with anti-social behaviour 
‘The Magic Mirror’ deals with drugs, tobacco and alcohol 
‘Echo’s New Watch’ deals with gang and knife crime 
‘Sparky’s Big Idea’ deals with sustainability and the environment 
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We have also adapted the books and now have Kindle versions available too 
Barney and Echo Internet Safety Roadshow  
Each Internet Safety Roadshow will address issues such as bullying, personal security and social media which will help children at a young age make good decisions based upon sound educational advice. 
A Fun, informative and educational day, the Roadshows are on from 9.30am until 2.30pm 
The Roadshows are free for teachers and pupils to attend, and are based up and down the country.  
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