Some of our Speakers at the Events...  

Constable 2039 Philip Seddon - Merseyside Police 

"I have been working with children for many years by engaging with and educating them about how to become better citizens both online and offline. It's important for children to realise what the dangers are when they use games software and why those dangers are there so they will be able to make an informed choice when faced with a given situation and importantly know what to do when things go wrong" 
Overview of my presentation at the Roadshow:  
The presentation looks at games that children play. It talks about: 
*What PEGI is and why it was introduced  
*Age ratings and warnings and why they are clearly marked and targeted to those ages 
*Practical advice for children to take home 

James Massey - Educational Consultant - Discovery Eucation 

"We're thrilled to have the chance to work with so many young children to help raise awareness of e-safety. At Discovery Education we want to inspire curiosity in pupils through engaging digital resources. We know that students dont thrive without teachers who are ready and able to support them, including tackling difficult topics like e-safety, so we offer professional development in that area, and much more." Michael Alger, Senior Professional Development Implementation Manager at Discovery Education. 
Overview of presentation at the Roadshow:  
*Use digital resources to raise awareness of the key areas of e-safety content, conduct and contact.  
*Make the session fun, interactive and informative for the children.  
* Give teachers printable materials to take back to theor classrooms to continue the discussions.  

Alicia Coad - ChatFOSS 

"Our ethos is 'engage - embrace - educate.' We want children to enjoy the internet and have fun but do so safely, this is what these roadshows are all about and we are delighted to be involved in them. We want children to have fun and share photos and enjoy chatting, but we want them to do it safely and that is what ChatFOSS and these roadshows are all about - so for us it was a perfect fit!" 
Overview of Presentation:  
*The Internet - Isn't it great?  
*What's good and bad about the internet?  
* Would you do in the playground VS would you do online?  
*Having fun safely online 

Samantha Suttle - One Day Creative Workshop 

" I fell hand in hand with the values and concepts of One Day Creative, taking the role of Workshop Facilitator. This role enables a deep exploration of how the arts can be used as a fantastic learning meaning from topics of the national curriculum and other topical areas. Using drama to explore internet safety allows the participants to experience different situations they may face on the internet without experiencing any real life consequences" 
Overview of One Day Creative: 
*Taking something familiar of fairy tale stories the presentation allows various fairy tale creatures to explore safe ways to play online! What should the LITTLE PIGS do if the BIG BAD WOLF asks them for their personal details while playing on the internet? Each partaker may be given the chance to take on the role of one of the creatures who live in fairy tale land. Using drama and imagination gives a fun, safe and exciting way to learn E-Safety tips to take into the future when using the internet!.  

PC Liz Stanton MBE  

"Cyber safety and security should become the norm and this opportunity gives a fantastic platform to engage with our future generations" 
What I do: In 2008 I became the Safer Schools and Young person's Officer for the force. I was instrumental in the development of the @Safer Schools Partnership' within Cheshire, Halton and Warrington. 
This brought together the Schools liason officers and the newly appointed School based officers. 
I coordinate the Safer Schools partnership for the Force and since it was launched the service has forged a musch closer relationship with the School community and established links wiht partnership organisations, to deliver a more coordinated approach. My role covers many varied areas from eveloping the role of School based officers to organising and running conferences for young people and supporting professionals. I also coordinate the 'SHARP' (Student, Help, Advice, Reporting, Page) web based system for the Schools in Cheshire.  
To contact us directly regarding Exhibiting at the Roadshow  
please call 01244 344707 
or e-mail: 
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